Why is an app update, password reset, and re-login required? 

To build on our commitment to providing our guests with best experience, we’ve made some changes to our app. Account security is very important to us here at CAVA, which involves requiring you to log in and confirm your information.

It looks like there are now password requirements – what are they?

Yes, in order to help ensure your account is secure, we now require passwords to contain the following:

  • 1 capital letter
  • 1 number
  • Must be longer than 8 characters

 Why do I need to include my phone number?

We can now use phone numbers to identify you as a loyalty member and allow you to earn CAVA Rewards for in-store purchases. You’ll also still be able to scan the app to earn CAVA Rewards. 

What happens if I share a phone number with a family member?

No problem! Scanning the app at checkout will pull up your unique account, even if you share a phone number. If you’re providing your phone number, the cashier will need to confirm your first and last name.

Should I provide my birthdate?

Although not required, we suggest adding your birthdate, as once you reach “Foodie” status you’ll earn a birthday treat!

Why do I need to re-add my credit card information? Is it safe?

For security and compliance reasons, we do not store payment methods in our app. Moving forward, we’re shifting the storage and management of payment methods to Stripe, a market-leading vendor for digital payments, requiring you to re-add those details. 

Why did my earn window reset to 150 days?

Within this transition, we had to reset your “Earn Window” to 150 days, but you didn’t lose any of your progress so this is a win-win! Feel free to check out how many days you have left to hit the $88 threshold to earn $8 on the app or online.

How can I pay in-store?

For in-store purchases, we accept all major credit or debit cards, cash, or gift card. We also accept Apple Pay and Android Pay.

How do I earn loyalty in-store?

Great question! Simply select the “Earn” tab and scan the barcode in the CAVA app. If the app or scanner is not working, simply share your phone number with the cashier who will use it look up your account. If you have any available CAVA Rewards, this will be communicated to you before payment. Please note, there is a limit of one reward per transaction for in-store purchases.

Will my CAVA Rewards still apply automatically?

When ordering digitally (web or mobile), rewards will still automatically apply. For in-store purchases, once you’ve scanned your “Earn” barcode or shared your phone number with the cashier, you will be asked which rewards you’d like to apply. Please note: For in-store transactions, there is a limit of one reward per transaction.

What if I forgot to scan my app or enter my phone number?

Unfortunately, we can no longer add missed transactions into your account, so please ensure you scan the app or provide your phone number when transacting in-store. Exception: If you have not yet registered your account, please contact us at support.cava.com with a photograph of the receipt within 7 days of the transaction to add your Qualifying Spend.

If ordering via the website or the app, will I be able to see the CAVA Rewards applied within the checkout flow?

Yes. Now when ordering digitally (app or order.cava.com), you’ll see that any rewards in your account will be added via a “Discount Applied” / “Rewards” line before checking out! You’ll also receive an email that outlines your order and any credit that was applied to the order. These discounts will apply to the gross order value before taxes are calculated and applied.

I used to get two emails for all app/online orders. Now I only get one. Why?

Yes, you will only receive one email - saving your inbox! This email will now summarize order total and breakdown with all included discounts and rewards applied, so the total you are charged will be displayed.

Are you still using LevelUp for loyalty?

No, we have transitioned away from LevelUp and are no longer utilizing this loyalty provider.

Is your loyalty program still the same?

Yes, our loyalty program is not changing. Feel free to learn more here: https://cava.com/rewards-terms

Why haven’t I been rewarded for my Epicure + Connoisseur status?

Our new loyalty provider will allow us more opportunity to surprise and delight our Epicure + Connoisseur guests and we’re excited to pilot some new features in the coming months so stay tuned!