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Your Privacy Choices

CAVA may use cookies, pixel tags, or similar tracking technologies (collectively, “Collection Technologies”) to gather personal information, when you use, access, or otherwise interact with our services and digital properties, including Our use of these Collection Technologies may be deemed a “sale” or “share” of personal information under applicable law, including in California. Depending on your state of residence, you may have the right to opt out of such selling or sharing practices.

We have set up the following methods for consumers to exercise their right to opt out of the selling or sharing of their personal information.

1. Modifying Your Cookie Preferences. When you visit one of our websites that collects personal information through Collection Technologies, you will be presented with a banner that offers you a choice about whether to accept or reject our use of cookies and similar tracking technologies, the use of which may constitute a “sale” or “share” of personal information under applicable law. By clicking “Decline All/Do Not Sell or Share,” you will opt out the selling or share of your personal information. You may also opt out of the selling or sharing of your personal information by clicking the “Decline All/Do Not Sell or Share” button below. Please note that your request to opt-out of sale/sharing will be linked to your browser identifier only. If you use a different computer or Internet browser to access our sites, you will need to renew your cookie management choices.

2. Global Privacy Control. You may exercise your opt-out right by broadcasting an opt-out preference signal, such as the Global Privacy Control (GPC) (on the browsers and/or browser extensions that support such a signal). To download and use a browser supporting the GPC browser signal, click here: If you choose to use the GPC signal, you will need to turn it on for each supported browser or browser extension you use.

3. Contact CAVA. Please call 1-844-707-6841 on Monday-Friday from 6am – 5pm EST or email [email protected] to ask that you be opted out.

California law allows California residents the right to limit our use of the sensitive personal information we collect about you. However, we only use your sensitive personal information for permitted purposes and do not use this information to infer characteristics about you. Because our use and disclosure of your sensitive personal information is already limited in accordance with applicable law, you do not need to take any further action to limit the disclosure or use of your sensitive personal information.

To learn more about our use of Collection Technologies, please visit our Privacy Policy at If you have a disability that prevents or limits your ability to access this notice, please contact us at [email protected]. We will work with you to provide this notice in an alternative format.