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CAVA first quarter revenue was  $256.3 million. SAME RESTAURANT SALES GROWTH was 2.3%. RESTAURANT-LEVEL PROFIT MARGIN was 25.2%.  ADJUSTED EBITDA was $33.3 million. NET INCOME was $14.0 million.
FREE CASH FLOW was $4.7 million. 
"We have now delivered four consecutive quarters of net income and our first ever quarter of positive free cash flow. At a time when consumers are increasingly discerning in how they spend their income, they are choosing to dine at CAVA. Our differentiated Mediterranean cuisine, where taste and health unite, and our compelling value proposition are resonating more than ever."
Grilled Steak Menu Innovation had Successful tests in Dallas & Boston, launching nationally June 3. \
Our mission is to bring heart, health, and humanity to food.


Here’s how CAVA performed in Q1 2024.