About CAVA

CAVA was born out of a desire to fuel full lives through a bold and innovative food culture rooted in the heritage of the culinary brand’s founders Ted Xenohristos, Ike Grigoropoulos, and Executive Chef Dimitri Moshovitis.

The three first-generation Greek Americans are childhood friends who wanted to bring the authentic Mediterranean flavors and experiences of their Greek upbringing to a wider audience in a modern, accessible format.

CAVA can trace its roots back to a single restaurant in Rockville, Maryland, and today includes more than 60 chef-casual restaurants and a line of chef-crafted dips and spreads sold in more than 250 Whole Foods Market locations and specialty grocery stores.

By the end of 2018, CAVA will have 75 locations nationwide. For a full list of open and upcoming locations, visit: cava.com/locations

Food is a force for good

We've teamed up with fantastic nonprofit organizations to help the local community champion crucial healthy eating and urban gardening skills. Through these partnerships, we're cultivating relationships with our neighbors and creating opportunities for those who need them most.