Where can I find dietary, nutritional, and allergen information?

We pride ourselves on serving food that appeals to all. That said, if you have a dietary or allergen restriction and want to see what you can eat or the nutritional information at CAVA, please check out this page.

Is your food Halal certified?

Our pita bread and meat in our braised lamb are both certified halal. While the spices used in the braised lamb are not certified halal, none of the ingredients violate halal requirements. In addition, our vegetarian options use ingredients that are compatible with halal requirements. We hope this helps!

What is CAVA’s Broiler Chicken Welfare Policy?

At CAVA, we strive to go above and beyond for our customers, our team members, and our communities and we believe food is a source for good. Which is why we aim to source premium and fresh ingredients from farmers, ranchers, and local makers we know and trust to have better practices. As part of our promise for continuous improvement and transparency, we worked with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ® and Mercy For Animals in our commitment to align with the future requirements of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) program. We will work to achieve a goal – by 2024 – to source only chickens that meet the breed and housing standards (space, light, litter, enrichment) and that are processed in a more humane way using CAS. We will also use third-party auditing to demonstrate compliance.

Does CAVA franchise or offer investment opportunities?

Thanks for your interest in CAVA! Unfortunately, we do not have plans to franchise and we are not currently seeking additional investments at this time.

What’s the meaning behind the “V" in CAVA?

CAVA started with three childhood friends, Ike Grigoropoulos, Chef Dimitri Moshovitis, and Ted Xenohristos, all first-generation Greek Americans. Literally, CAVA means ‘wine cellar’ in Greek. But more than that, CAVA is all about celebrating good vibes, thoughtfulness, and the distinct spirit that we put out into the world with our restaurants and brand. The “V” in our logo is something that evolved organically as a symbol of that infectious energy and it also happens to mirror the peace sign people can make with their hands, so we use that to indicate CAVA vibes on social media and in select other ways in our restaurants and events.

I want to work for CAVA! How can I make that happen?

We’re always looking for happy and hardworking people to be a part of our growing team, both in our restaurants and in our support center. Please click this link to see all available positions.

I love CAVA and want to buy a gift card! Where can I purchase one?

Our gift cards can be purchased in-person at any CAVA restaurant or online.

I want you to come to my hometown! How can I make it happen?

Drop us a note at hello@cava.com with your city and state so we can share with our team. We’ll also be sure to reach out to you if we open in or near your requested city. Also, follow us @cava for updates about new locations.

Where do I find information on sponsorship or donation opportunities?

At this time, CAVA is not accepting requests for fundraisers or donations. As a business, we have always believed that food can be a force for good. We also believe that from time to time, it's important to reevaluate our work to ensure we are operating in ways that create wins for our community, guests, and business. In the coming weeks and months, we will communicate ways in which we can remain connected and help you use food as a force for good.

Where do I find information about CAVA's loyalty updates?

We've created a Loyalty FAQ to answer all your questions.